Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Fast Results

Enter a dynamic group of 9 on a sacred journey in a supportive and educational atmosphere.  It has been proven that group growth is far more results enhancing.

We'll be on a 5,000-year-old path the Rishis of the Himalayas set forth.  Wisdom so powerful, it has held true through the millennia.

We will implement 9 simple foundational Ayurvedic habits, to support a lifetime of health/vitality, strong immune response, ideal weight, restorative sleep, powerful digestion, intuition/clarity, vibrant energy, deep nourishment, calm and free mind, and strong body.

Many Ayurvedic daily rituals have recently become mainstream.  In this circle, we will use habit technology and behavior therapy to overcome the resistance and self-sabotage so often encountered when trying to up-level our habits.  

Our incubation tank supports habit formation easily due to the strength of community.  So much stronger than willpower.

As we enjoy automating these life-affirming rituals (from Ayurveda and Yoga), we will introduce Tantra, which frees us from requiring any habits.   When tapped into our essential Self and dynamic energy, our innate wisdom guides us moment by moment.  This is the true aim.  Freedom, Joy, Energy